Manhattan Speech Therapy

Manhattan Speech Therapy with Stephanie SigalStephanie Sigal is a Manhattan speech therapist offering pediatric speech therapy, oral motor therapy, language therapy, as well as kindergarten prep.

Stephanie conducts articulation and oral motor therapy and evaluations on children. A traditional articulation evaluation examines which sounds your child is having difficulty producing. An oral motor evaluation determines WHY your child has difficulty saying specific sounds.

A language evaluation determines which language techniques and tools (toys, games, books, songs) will foster optimal developmental interaction. A language evaluation examines listening, vocabulary, and grammar.

Kindergarten prep includes preparing your child for a Manhattan kindergarten admissions interview, which requires a variety of kindergarten readiness skills. Skills addressed include improving attention, following directions, understanding stories, vocabulary, improving general knowledge, articulation, problem solving, memory, critical thinking, and pre-reading and math skills. Confidence and self-esteem are critical for kindergarten success.

Speech therapy progress is consistently reviewed with parents and homework activities that suit child and family are recommended. Stephanie’s programs encourage Manhattan parents to practice speech therapy, oral motor therapy, and kindergarten prep techniques throughout each day.

Manhattan Speech Language Therapist Stephanie Sigal, M.A. CCC-SLP is ASHA certified and New York State Licensed. Prior to going into private practice, she worked on staff in speech therapy at Duke University Medical Center and NYU Medical Center. She has been featured as a NYC speech therapist in such publications as “Big Apple Parent,” “Baby Buggy,” “GoCityKids,” “Business Insider,” and “The Parents League of New York.” Stephanie regularly blogs on the topic of speech language therapy.

Some of the recent pediatric speech language pathology coursework completed by Stephanie includes: Language Development, Language Delay, Language Disorders, Language Therapy, Language and Literacy, Articulation Delay, Articulation Disorders, Articulation Exercises, Oral Motor Therapy, Speech Therapy, Oral Motor Evaluation, Oral Motor Exercises, Tongue Thrust Therapy, Drooling Therapy, Multi-Sensory Reading, Handwriting, Multi-Sensory Math, and Auditory / Listening Disorders.

Evaluations, treatment, and consultations are solely conducted in the comfort of your Upper East Side Manhattan home. Stephanie does not have an office or accept insurance. She provides services between 65th Street and 95th Street from Third Avenue to Fifth Avenue. Stephanie looks forward to hearing from you about your child!  The best way to contact her is via email at She can also be reached at 646-295-4473.