Manhattan Kindergarten Prep

Getting Into Kindergarten in New York City Will Remain Stressful As Recommended By The Ivy Coach

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Stephanie provides kindergarten prep to help your child shine at Manhattan kindergarten interviews.


Is your child ready for the Manhattan kindergarten admissions process for private schools? If you wonder how your son or daughter may be seen in the eyes of a Manhattan kindergarten admissions director, it would be worth an evaluation to assess his or her ability to feel confident and comfortable performing specific tasks. Stephanie Sigal’s Manhattan kindergarten prep, as showcased in “The Atlantic” and as recommended by “The Ivy Coach,” offers just that.

As formal testing such as the AABL / ERB continues to evolve, many private Manhattan schools are taking it upon themselves, through their own assessments, to evaluate children’s school readiness in kindergarten admissions interviews. Schools will only see your four or five year-old child for one short interview, so making the right impression is critical.

Stephanie Sigal, a speech and language therapist, knows the skills your child is expected to present at Manhattan kindergarten admissions interviews.  Stephanie’s tailored kindergarten prep assessment and ongoing sessions are conducted in your Upper East Side home. Personalized sessions may include, but are not limited to:

  • Conversation / interview
  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Speech clarity
  • Listening comprehension
  • Story retell
  • Handwriting and drawing screening
  • Early math and reading screening
  • Verbal reasoning (e.g., following complex directions, critical thinking, defining and classifying objects, answering WH questions (e.g., what, why, where)
  • Quantitative reasoning (e.g., understanding sizes and comparisons: Which child is first in line? Show me the cup that is half full. Which chairs are of equal size?)
  • Spatial and matrix reasoning

Stephanie also assesses how effectively your child interacts with an unfamiliar adult.  She helps your child confront language and academic tasks, as well as AABL / ERB test activities which may overlap with typical kindergarten interview tasks.  Fun activities will be presented similarly to a kindergarten admissions interview.

As part of Stephanie’s kindergarten prep, she teaches you how to help your child improve kindergarten readiness skills at home.  Working on necessary skills may help improve your child’s preschool report as well as your child’s chances of being the shining star at kindergarten admissions interviews.

A comprehensive follow-up email or note after each session will include how your child performed, as well as personalized at-home activities.

At times, Stephanie may make referrals to other disciplines, such as reading specialists and occupational therapists.

Taking time to prepare for the rigorous kindergarten admissions process in Manhattan may help in creating more options for the appropriate school placement for your child, and a positive Manhattan kindergarten admissions process.