PROMPT for Articulation and Language

My two year old son is currently receiving speech therapy for a language delay. I have heard of a technique called PROMPT. Is this a type of treatment I should arrange for him?

PROMPT = Prompts for Restructuring Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets.

PROMPT therapy involves using tactile cues along with verbal and visual cues to stimulate articulation skills. When therapists are “PROMPT trained,” they have taken beginner PROMPT courses.

A “PROMPT certified” therapist has taken the introductory course, the bridging course, a technique practicum and has completed a self-study project. I have found that PROMPT certified therapists are most qualified to help children with motor-speech disorders such as developmental verbal apraxia of speech.

When I begin working with a two year old who is not speaking or who has very few words, I often incorporate PROMPT techniques along with traditional language development play therapy and oral motor therapy for placement. A motor-based / apraxia problem can not be ruled out in this scenario. Combining these three techniques can facilitate language development.