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Stephanie Sigal Volunteers with Baby Buggy to teach families at the Child Center of New York to Maximize Children's Speech and Language Skills

New York, NY - May 1, 2009 - Speech-Language Pathologist Stephanie Sigal M.A. CCC-SLP, and Baby Buggy held a Say and Play Communication Enrichment Conference on April 21, 2009 at the Child Center of New York Sonia Strumpf Clinic. The conference was arranged by Nura Poursharif, the Program Director at Baby Buggy, and Patricia Hart, the Project Director of the Child Center. 

The Child Center of New York helps Queens families with children ages five and younger to better manage their lives by offering parenting guidance, counseling, home visits, day care, early intervention, vocational training and legal aid. This Say and Play lecture was provided for families with children between approximately 12 and 24 months. Specific tips were presented regarding improving communication skills while parents read books, sing, play, use sign language, and feed / eat with their child. Recommendations were made to help parents use language effectively with their child during personal daily events and routines. 

"The families at the clinic were really engaged in what Ms. Sigal had to say because the information was beneficial and practical," said Nura Poursharif, the Program Director at Baby Buggy. "Ms. Sigal has an incredibly animated personality, and she offered tips that were easy to implement. She showed the participants ways to interact with their children that are fun, and the lessons will help them bond with their children and create strong and productive long-term relationships." 

"While attending my first Baby Buggy benefit a few years ago, I wanted to be actively involved with Baby Buggy's mission, but I couldn't quite figure out where I would best fit in," said Ms. Sigal. "After attending a second benefit last year, I heard a number of Baby Buggy recipients say that they wanted to be the best mothers they could be. I knew that I could help them meet that goal, because that is the foundation of my early language programs." 

About Say and Play, Inc 

Say and Play is a Manhattan-based speech therapy company created in 2004 which offers programs that include speech (articulation), language and Oral Motor/muscle based evaluation and treatment for children. The language programs involve educating Manhattan parents and caregivers on how to create a productive playtime with their child while improving communication skills. Say and Play sessions are conducted exclusively by Speech-Language Pathologist Stephanie Sigal, M.A. CCC-SLP who is licensed to practice in New York. Prior to going into private practice, she was on staff at Duke University Medical Center and NYU Medical Center. She has consulted for the Early Intervention Program of Stepping Stone Day School. Stephanie is a certified member of ASHA (American Speech-Language-Hearing Association) and ICDL (Interdisciplinary Council on Developmental and Learning Disorders). She is PROMPT and Floortime trained. Stephanie has extensive training in Oral Motor / muscle based therapy which she uses to treat articulation disorders. Stephanie holds a masters degree in speech-language pathology from The State University of New York at Buffalo. She has been an adjunct professor at major universities, has supervised speech pathology graduate students, and is a three-time recipient of ASHA's ACE Award for her commitment to continuing education. Stephanie Sigal M.A. CCC-SLP Speech - Language & Oral Motor Therapy